Music & Videos

A selection of music and videos featuring Carol Kappus on Celtic Harp. Check out her YouTube Channel for more.


Recordings of many of these tunes are available on YouTube. Please consult the list below. Have you found a new recording? Let me know.

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Christmas Greetings for 2022

An 11 minute video about German Christmas carols and my new German Luna travel harp.

A virtual visit to Carol’s Music Booth

Here’s what you’d see if you visited Carol’s music booth at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival.

Music of Ireland - Land of Legends (excerpt)

The Fairy Pools (original composition)

Sixteen Tons (with dancers)

The Valley of Strathmore

The Parting Glass - Mo Ghille Mear

A jazzier Danny Boy

Sìne Bhan - Fair Jean - A sweet Gaelic love song

An Cluinn Thu Mi Mo Nighean Donn

Blue Caledonia Promo Video

Arbor Celtic Harpers

A clip from a Valentine’s Day concert, 2011


  1. Ae Fond Kiss (Robert Burns)
  2. Fear a Bhàta (Traditional Scottish)
  3. Lagan Love (Traditional Irish)
  4. Loch Tay Boat Song (Traditional Scottish)
  5. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose (Robert Burns)
  6. The Lea Rig (Robert Burns)