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More Schlurpy Tunes


+ $3.50 postage to USA & Canada

This book contains some favorite arrangements that were requested by friends and students including the following:

Danny Boy

My new very schlurpy arrangement that many people liked when it appeared recently in Folk Harp Journal.

Women of Ireland

This arrangement is flashy but chord based so not hard to play.

Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier/ Siuil a Rùn

Lots of lush chords. Schlurpy and sentimental but not hard to play.

Summer Dreaming

A relaxing tune to play, based on 7 chords. Easy.

The Water is Wide, Shall We Gather at the River, Shenandoah

A beautiful medely which can be used as a solo, or played by an ensemble. Each tune can also be played individually.


+ $3.50 postage to USA & Canada