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Magic Hands Course


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Carol uses a group of chords and hand positions which make up a lot of what we play and which she uses for everything from intros, accompaniments, and technique strengthening exercises, to playing by ear. This course shows you how to build these chords and hand positions into your hands until they become automatic and you can plug them in anywhere! This system will give your playing more flow and make it easier and more fun. Best of all, you can always e-mail me with any questions and I’m happy to help!

I hope this little system will make your hands more secure and comfortable and able to play the music you love. Happy Harping!

Course includes:

  • Five page PDF
  • Online video demonstrations
  • Ten key hand positions with notation and fingering
  • Detailed instructions for each position
  • Key chords that comprise most Celtic music
  • How to use my “Roll up” technique to play beautiful arpeggios
  • Get dedicated email & skype support directly from me