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Eventide for Celtic Harp

A peaceful piece. Nice for harp therapy playing.

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Eventide for Celtic Harp (PDF Download)


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Plugged IN! – Two tunes for electric harp

Two tunes about magical places in Scotland - The Calanais Stones and The Fairy Pools - written to show off the special sound of the electric harp.

These were written for the DHC 32 but would work on any harp with a low C and at least 32 strings.

Listen to both songs on the music page.

Plugged IN


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More Magical Irish Tunes for Celtic Harp

The Fairy Queen

A beautiful tune composed by the famous blind harper, Turlough

b O’Carolan.

There are more parts to this tune floating around but I like it this way with just these three.

King of the Fairies

According to folklore, this is a song to summon the Fairy King. If you play it three times in a row during a party, the king must appear. If he likes the shindig, he joins in the revelry. If he doesn’t, he will cause mayhem. You’ll notice that this arrangement plays it only twice, just to be on the safe side!

Kerry Dance

A much-loved tune by James Molloy. I love the words as well as the music of this wonderful tune.

Whiskey Before Breakfast

A popular session tune. Cheerful and fun.

Sì Beag Sì Mòr

A very famous tune thought to be the first composition by O’Carolan. It was inspired by the story of a war between the fairies of the Small Fairy Hill (Sì Beag) and the Big Fairy Hill (Sì Mòr) which was told to him by his first patron, Squire Reynolds. The name of this tune is sometimes incorrectly written “Sheebag, Sheemore,” “Si Bheag, Si Mor,” and other variations. But whatever you call it, it’s a great tune!

Tam Lin

The tune which goes with the famous old tale of a man who was kidnapped by the fairies and how he was rescued by the bravery of his true love, Janet. This tune is also sometimes called The Glasgow Reel. This story and tune came originally from Scotland but is popular on both sides of the water.

Be Thou My Vision

A well-loved hymn set to the Irish folk tune “Slane”. The song has often been attributed to the sixth-century Irish Christian poet Saint Dallan, inspired by the text of a 5th-century hymn written by Saint Patrick, though historians now date the text as having been written sometime between 950 and 1100. Such a fabulous tune going way back in Irish history. My arrangement starts quietly, builds to a strong, stormy middle, and then becomes peaceful again. I love playing this and hope you will too!

She Moved Through the Fair -

Another wonderful traditional tune with a great story. The narrator sees his lover move away from him through the fair, saying it will not be long until their wedding day. She then comes to him as a ghost (Has she died? Will he? We don’t know!) You will hear the ghost in this arrangement - a brilliant idea I heard years ago in a version by Kim Roberson and could never get out of my head so here it is in my arrangement as well. The notation looks a bit daunting but I was asked to write it down the way I play it, so here it is!

More Magical Irish Tunes for Celtic Harp


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The Parting Glass - Three Songs of Farewell

The Parting Glass contains three famous parting glass songs:

The Irish Parting Glass

Arranged for voice and harp.

Here’s a Health to the Company

Arranged for harp only and for harp and voice, Originally a Scottish tune but now sung on both sides of the water.

So Here’s to You

Alan Bell’s famous tune, arranged for harp only and for harp and voice. You may know this tune a it is the tune that is always sung at the close of the Somerset Harp Festival.

The Parting Glass - Three Songs of Farewell


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Delicious Tunes from Scotland

Lyrics are included for all the tunes that have them, along with extensive notes about each song.

  • A Pheigi a Ghraidh
  • Ceud Soraidh, Ceud Fàilte
  • Fil Ò Ro
  • Griogal Cridhe
  • Jock O’Hazeldean
  • The Shearing
  • Tioram air Tìr
  • The Valley of Strathmore
  • Hector the Hero
  • Sìne Bhàn
  • Highland Cathedral
  • Wendle’s Wedding
  • and a special secret bonus tune!

Delicious Tunes from Scotland


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Irresistible Irish Tunes

Nine beautiful arrangements from Carol’s Music of Ireland show.


The Quiet Land of Erin

Another one of those beautiful, melancholy songs of homesickness for the beautiful land of Ireland. I arranged this with lots of dramatic rising chord runs which symbolize the waves crashing against the rocky shore.

Cape Clear

One of my favorites. This tune fits the hand so well, it is pure pleasure to play.

Two beautiful lullabies :

Baloo Baleerie

A Gaelic lullaby. This can be played as a solo or as an ensemble piece. The directions of how to do this are on page 6.

Gartan Mother’s Lullaby

This tune makes a nice medley paired with Baloo Baleerie. They have the same ending to tie them together. Gartan Mother’s Lullaby has beautiful words so you can sing it too or accompany a friend as they sing it.

Brian Boru’s March

Brian Boru was a famous warrior and High King of Ireland who died in 1014. There are many versions of this famous march. Hope you like this one! Play it strong and fiercely!

The Last Rose of Summer

The famous song written by poet Thomas Moore in 1805. This is beautiful played as a solo but you can also sing the brilliant words or have someone sing them as you play. I have included it in a high and low key so you can fit it to your voice if you want to sing. High key: C Low key: G

Danny Boy

My very schlurpy version of this much-loved tune.

Lord Galway’s Lament

My favorite O’Carolan tune. Simple but haunting. This can be played as an ensemble piece (directions on page 18). I often pair this with The Foggy Dew.

The Foggy Dew

A mournful lament and rebel tune about the Easter Uprising of 1916.

Irresistable Irish Tunes


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Songs for Skye

Songs for Skye is a book of stories and sheet music for celtic harp inspired by the Isle of Skye on the western edge of Scotland.

For years, Carol has been visiting the Isle of Skye to study gaelic language and music. Songs for Skye features beautiful full-color photographs, descriptions of Carol's favorite experiences and places on Skye, and sheet music for eleven of Carol’s original celtic harp compositions inspired by these places and events, and nine arrangements of traditional celtic songs she learned on Skye. Songs are suitable for a variety of levels from intermediate to advanced celtic harpers. The book is 40+ printed pages with plastic comb binding so it will lie completely flat when open on your music stand.

Includes 11 original compositions written by Carol Kappus about Skye:

  • The Skye Ferry
  • The Skye Bridge
  • The Cuillins
  • Rainy Day in Dunvegan
  • The Road to Broadford
  • The Haggis Sandwich
  • Rainbows over Knoydart
  • Disathairne
  • Tarskavaig
  • The Fairy Pools - in C & Eb
  • At the Cèilidh

And arrangements by Carol Kappus of nine traditional songs she learned on Skye:

  • An Ataireachd Ard
  • An Cluinn Thu Mi Mo Nighean Donn
  • Annie Laurie
  • Chì Mi Na Mòrbheanna
  • Gillian’s Waltz
  • Loch Lomond
  • Seoc a’ Bhàigh
  • Sìne Bhàn
  • The Skye Boat Song

Songs for Skye


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More Schlurpy Tunes

This book contains some favorite arrangements that were requested by friends and students including the following:


Danny Boy

My new very schlurpy arrangement that many people liked when it appeared recently in Folk Harp Journal.

Women of Ireland

This arrangement is flashy but chord based so not hard to play.

Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier/ Siuil a Rùn

Lots of lush chords. Schlurpy and sentimental but not hard to play.

Summer Dreaming

A relaxing tune to play, based on 7 chords. Easy.

The Water is Wide, Shall We Gather at the River, Shenandoah

A beautiful medely which can be used as a solo, or played by an ensemble. Each tune can also be played individually.

More Schlurpy Tunes


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