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Irresistible Irish Tunes


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Nine beautiful arrangements from Carol’s Music of Ireland show. If you enjoy this book, also check out the sequel “More Magical Irish Tunes”.

The Quiet Land of Erin

Another one of those beautiful, melancholy songs of homesickness for the beautiful land of Ireland. I arranged this with lots of dramatic rising chord runs which symbolize the waves crashing against the rocky shore.

Cape Clear

One of my favorites. This tune fits the hand so well, it is pure pleasure to play.

h4 Two beautiful lullabies :

Baloo Baleerie

A Gaelic lullaby. This can be played as a solo or as an ensemble piece. The directions of how to do this are on page 6.

Gartan Mother’s Lullaby

This tune makes a nice medley paired with Baloo Baleerie. They have the same ending to tie them together. Gartan Mother’s Lullaby has beautiful words so you can sing it too or accompany a friend as they sing it.

Brian Boru’s March

Brian Boru was a famous warrior and High King of Ireland who died in 1014. There are many versions of this famous march. Hope you like this one! Play it strong and fiercely!

The Last Rose of Summer

The famous song written by poet Thomas Moore in 1805. This is beautiful played as a solo but you can also sing the brilliant words or have someone sing them as you play. I have included it in a high and low key so you can fit it to your voice if you want to sing. High key: C Low key: G

Danny Boy

My very schlurpy version of this much-loved tune.

Lord Galway’s Lament

My favorite O’Carolan tune. Simple but haunting. This can be played as an ensemble piece (directions on page 18). I often pair this with The Foggy Dew.

The Foggy Dew

A mournful lament and rebel tune about the Easter Uprising of 1916.


+ $3.50 postage to USA & Canada